What You Can Learn from ADT Reviews

What You Can Learn from ADT Reviews

ADT reviews are a mixed bag, and that’s not really ADT’s fault. It has been around for a hundred years, and unlike other home security companies, it even offers a $500 theft protection compensation if your home is invaded while under the ADT protection. That’s how confident ADT is about its ability to help you protect the sanctity of your home.

There is a problem however, in that some of its authorized dealers are not quite as good as they should be according to some ADT reviews. This just means though that when you find a sincere dealer, you will understand why so many people rely on the company.

Following are the main reasons highlighted by ADT reviews for them being such an in-demand home security provider.

ADT is a stable company with a solid background

ADT is the largest home security company in the US, so if you have any fears about them going out of business any time soon, those concerns are certainly unfounded.

This is a good thing, because you will need to enter into a 3-year contract when you sign on with them; perhaps not such a good thing depending on your viewpoint.

ADT can tailor your home security setup

All ADT reviews should mention that the company offers 5 different security packages. It is also important to note that they offer you the chance to upgrade those packages with additional equipment or services, depending on your needs.

You can obtain additional sensors, and you can also opt for video surveillance via installed camera monitors while you are away from home.

There are many upgrades available that you find mentioned in ADT reviews, from adding a tamper-proof dome camera, a digital recorder, and a quad splitter so you can view four cameras in just one screen.

Remote features

ADT wireless security gives you the ability to control your home security from distant locations. You can arm or disarm the security system remotely, and you can change the access codes for different people.

You will also receive alerts from your security system in the form of text or email. In addition, you can adjust your home temperature and even turn appliances on or off using your smartphone.

Pricing for Installation

All of the remote capabilities offered by ADT however are available to you at a premium price.

ADT reviews of pricing plans and packages will list the most basic package installation costs as $99 and state that the monitoring method is through a landline connection.

Cellular services and home automation features installation will cost you a lot more, with the more expensive packages start at $199.

ADT Monitoring packages:

Landline monitoring, Internet monitoring and mobile phone monitoring are all available in these monitoring packages explained below;

  • Basic Package: $36.99/month
  • 2-way Voice package: $42.99/month
  • CellGuard: $44.99/month
  • 2-way Voice+ CellGuard: $47.99/month
  • Pulse: $49.99/month

ADT reviews are common online

There is a reason why ADT is arguably the most famous name in the home security business and why it has lasted this long. It is reliable and stable, both features commented on regularly in ADT reviews online.

Unlike newer security companies that can fold anytime, with ADT you have no concerns about being stuck with expensive yet useless home security equipment without support.

With ADT, you get the most trusted name in the wireless home security industry, along with a chance to customize your security setup to match your particular needs and preferences.


What to look for in Home Security Company Reviews

What to look for in Home Security Company Reviews

You have decided that it is time to finally take your home security concerns seriously, and you want to have the best system installed for your peace of mind and for the safety of your family.

Like most people these days, your first thought is to search online and read through the pages of home security company reviews so that you can get a feel for which provider has a solid market presence and outstanding reputation. This is a smart move, except for one drawback; knowing if the review you are reading is genuine or contrived.

In this article, we highlight what it is that you should be looking for in these home security company reviews when searching for your preferred source of home and family safety.

Confirming the facts

This is one of the main areas in which people searching through home security company reviews tend to fail themselves. It is one thing to do your homework by reading the online reviews, but that is only the first piece of the puzzle. You need to confirm that the points being made by random reviewers are actually correct.

When a review is made about a particular company, you should investigate other reviews of that same company to determine if the information being publicly stated is consistent.

If some of the home security company reviews appear to be overstated, confusing or out of line with other remarks about a supplier, make a note to address that topic as a priority with the security company.

Counting the reviews

Customers who take the time to leave reviews are typically passionate about their experience. With something as important and personal as family safety, home security company reviews are generally issued by those who are extremely pleased with their experience, or who conversely had many problems and want to both rant as well as protect the public from dealing with that same provider.

Emotionally charged reviews are important to read because they are a good indication of how the end user genuinely feels. Where you need to be careful, however, is if you begin to recognize the same reviews on many different sites, or the same wording appointed to different reviewers on different sites.

If you notice the same reviews posted multiple times or by multiple people, this is cause for alarm bells that the review is likely fake and posted by the company itself.

Review of products

Home security company reviews traditionally cover two main areas of experience; the knowledge of the staff and the product that was purchased. While you can only confirm staff ability by speaking with them directly, you should be concerned if you see reviews that only refer to specific products.

A reputable security company will have serviced a broad number of consumers with a diverse range of products and parts. If you already have a potential security provider, for instance, yet you see no reviews for wireless or cellular product experiences with that company, you should question whether the company is keeping up with industry trends or not.

You also want to make a mental note of the date that the reviews were made. If they are not recent, then you need to question why this might be the case.

Comparison sites

When searching through home security company reviews, it is likely that you will uncover websites that provide comparisons of many different security providers, and it will appear that they have detailed their lists from their own home security company reviews. You should be aware that these comparison sites may be affiliates of the companies that they have included in their evaluations. When this is the case, it is not uncommon for them to recommend companies that offer a monetary incentive to sources who refer new customers, with the highest paying company receiving the best review on the website.

When you discover websites offering such comparisons, do your due diligence and confirm if the listed companies do have their own affiliate programs. It may well be that everything is above board, but the onus is really on you to find out.

Moving on from reviews

Home security company reviews are a great starting point in which to discover information about providers that you can short-list to approach about your security needs.

You do need to remember though to use the reviews as a guideline only, and not to take everything you read at face value. Look for consistency in the comments, but with opinions that are not overstated.

When you are satisfied that you have completed your online search, select several companies to speak with directly, and be sure to raise any anomalies that you noted from the online reviews.

4 Major Benefits Revealed in Protect America Security Reviews

4 Major Benefits Revealed in Protect America Security Reviews

If you have decided that now is the time in which to invest in a home security system for the safety of your family, then there’s a good chance that you have discovered Protect America, one of the nation’s leading home protection companies.

Protect America prides itself on tailoring its share of the market to its customers on a budget, and this is one of the main reasons why the company’s popularity has exploded over recent times.

Despite what you read on their business website however, the advantages that they can provide to you are more believable when you hear them coming from third party end-users of the product.

With this in mind, following are the 4 major benefits that Protect America security reviews reveal as the most significant to the homeowner.

Limited cost concerns

Protect America security reviews confirm that the company is unique in its approach to pricing, preferring to offer monthly payment plans instead of major upfront costs for equipment.

As a customer, you are able to select the payment option that not only agrees with your budget, but which is the most sensible based on the number of sensors that you want to cover your main door and window entry points.

There are 5 plans in place starting at $19.99 for 3 sensors, and the monthly charge is your only cost given that the system is a wireless do-it-yourself installation facility.

According to Protect America security reviews, you will also be free of charge from maintenance, repairs, and shipping of any necessary replacement parts.

With this focus by Protect America on affordability, you can protect your home without the need to save for months just to enter the market.

Highly recommended equipment

You will find in Protect America security reviews opinions that rate the company’s security equipment very highly. Protect America uses the GE Simon XT system as its standard home base unit, and a portable mini pad control that can arm and disarm the system and send emergency alerts when triggered.

Considered by many Protect America security reviews to be the best equipment for home protection, the unit can cover as many as 40 door and window entry points, and has 24 hour battery back-up in the event of a power blackout.

Additional features that Protect America security reviews believe you will be impressed with and benefit from include its built-in voice command, wireless technology, remote system control, user tracking, and 95 decibel built-in siren to alert practically everyone that a break-in is in progress.

Remote control access

The big thing with home security now is wireless applications and how you can use them to automate many parts of your home if you want to go down that path.

Protect America security reviews regularly highlight the benefits of using the wireless security technology, and they make it even more apparent when discussing Protect America’s Smart Connect app for Android and iPhone connection for remote home control functionality.

With the benefit of your Smartphone, you can view in real time the status of your system and activate or disarm it as required. You can watch your live video cameras, receive notifications and, according to Protect America security reviews, even use it to control your home appliances.

The benefit of this modern technology is that you are always in control of what you can do with your home security system.

Customer support services

Protect America security reviews are always quick to provide commentary about the level of service provided by the company, and this is another area of benefit to you when you become a customer.

To begin with, you are given complete installation instructions so that your DIY setup poses no trouble for you. If you do have issues of any kind, with anything regardless of the concern, you have access to Protect America’s highly trained staff by email, phone or their website’s live chat feature for a walk-through of system solutions.

The Protect America security reviews also advise that the company takes its 36 month contracts seriously and will replace any equipment that may become faulty during that three year term of obligation.

Support hours are available every day including weekends, and you can also connect with them on their social pages which include Facebook for updates and fast response times.

Protect America security reviews

The benefits given in consumer reviews not only provide you with peace of mind when making your security system purchase, they also indicate what you should be expecting from the company at every stage of your contract with them.

Take note of the ‘pros’ when reading the reviews, and ensure that they are extended to you when securing the safety of your property.

ADT Security Reviews For The Available Equipment

ADT Security Reviews For The Available Equipment

ADT Security Reviews For The Available Equipment they offer shows us some of the things the different components are capable of doing.

Basic Sensors

The ADT security reviews of the door and window sensors show us that these are the basic sensors that all home security systems offer in each package. The larger the monthly monitoring fee is on your package the more of these types of sensors you will have provided to you. These sensors use magnets that are attached to each side of the door frame or the window. When the magnet is opened by someone opening the door or window there is a signal transmitted to the control panel. This equipment allows you to rest assured that late at night should someone pry open your window an alarm will sound.

Sensors made to detect breaking glass

ADT security reviews explain that the glass break sensors are a common sensor found at almost all home security companies. Most of the packages have the glass break sensor included in them. They are different from window sensors as they are activated by noise instead of by a magnet being moved. These sensors are designed to recognize the sound of glass breaking and when they hear this sound they immediately notify the control panel so the alarm can be sounded. These sensors can be placed on the exterior or the interior of the house. They are useful in areas where a criminal is more likely to break a window to gain entry than they are to try and pry the window open.

Motion detectors

The ADT security reviews looked at the motion detectors that are available from some home security companies. These motion detectors are not always included in the cheaper home monitoring packages. They are perfect for using in back yards where visibility is low and criminals may want to try and gain entry to the home. They work well around entrances like doors, and they can be placed on the interior portion of the home in large rooms that might have a lot of window in them.

Security Cameras

The ADT security reviews show us that having the security cameras placed so that they see who is entering, or exiting, a building can help you to keep track of what is happening in your home. These cameras are often able to be viewed from remote locations so you can check on your home when you are away. You can position them at the corner of the structure so that you have a clear line of sight looking down the front of the building, or you can place them right in front of the door so you can see who is there.

These cameras can also be used to see if your children are alone when they enter the home in the afternoon, or if they are bringing others into the house when you are not there. They help you to keep your house and children safe from some of the perils that can befall them in your absence. They also allow you to see who is at your door before you ever come out of your bedroom in the middle of the night.

Frontpoint Security Reviews Of Equipment And Pricing

Frontpoint Security Reviews Of Equipment And Pricing

Frontpoint Security Reviews by their customers show us some of the different equipment that is available from security companies, and indicates what equipment will increase the monthly monitoring fees.

Frontpoint Security Reviews on the Basics

The basics of a home security system are the door and window sensors, the control panel to operate the system, and usually one glass break sensor. When you get the least expensive package you will likely only get from three to five door and window sensors. The prices of the monthly monitoring steadily increases dependent on the number of these sensors you have in your home. Small homes usually do not need more than three to five sensors. You want to make sure these sensors are placed on all ground level windows that could allow access to your home, but you may not want to put them on second story windows.

Frontpoint Security Reviews on Specialty Sensors

There are specialized sensors that are made for garage doors. Garage doors do not open in the exact same manner as regular doors on hinges so they require specialty sensors. Since not all homes have garages, and of the homes that do have them not all of them have access to the interior of the home from the garage, these sensors are offered as additional items. Having one of these sensors, makes good sense if you have a garage that allows access to your home. You might also want to have a door sensor on the door that enters the home from the garage just to be on the safe side.

Frontpoint Security Reviews on Remote Access

Remote access is wonderful for people who travel a lot, and people who are away from home a good deal. If you are rarely away from your home for more than ten hours at a time then the monthly charges for remote access might not be worth paying. If you are away from home a good deal you can adjust your thermostat on your heating unit using this sort of access and this could save you a lot of money in utility costs. The utility savings will more than likely cover the cost of the monthly monitoring.

Frontpoint Security Reviews on Security Cameras and Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are ideal for telling you when something has entered a specific area. The problem is that motion detectors cannot always tell if a squirrel has just walked in front of it, or a human is standing in front of it. Many of us have outdoor lights that are turned on by motion detectors and we know that we soon start to ignore the lights coming on because the neighborhood cats, raccoons, and other animals trip the sensor so frequently.

Security cameras on the other hand show us exactly what they see. If someone comes to our door we will be able to see who they are, and we will have a view of the area surrounding them so we can see if they are alone. Security cameras are really beneficial and should be installed at the main entrances of homes. You can also o rely on these cameras to show you what is along the sides of your home.

Protect America Reviews Of The Available Features

Protect America Reviews Of The Available Features

Protect America reviews of the features offered with this system show us what things this home security package has to offer.

Home Security

Protect America reviews list the home protection that is gained when you hire this company to monitor your property as being the number one feature the company offers. The components that make up the home security portion of this monitoring package include motion detectors, touch screen pads, panic buttons, glass break sensors, and garage door sensors.

Life Safety

Protect America reviews include the feature of life safety. As we age there is a good chance that we will fall while we are home alone, or suffer a heart-attack when there is no one at home to call for help. The life safety feature of this system allows us to call for help with the simple touch of a button.

Home Automation

Protect America reviews covers the home automation that is offered from this system. With home automation you can control appliances from remote locations. You can turn on the television, radios, and other appliances in your home that would normally be running if someone were in the house. You can turn lights on and off, and you can make people on the outside of the house believe that there is someone inside. This is a great crime deterrent because most criminals that break into homes do not want to risk a break-in if there is someone at home.

You will also discover that the home automation will allow you to turn your heating and cooling unit off from a remote location. You can go away for a few days and turn the air off so that it does not run up your electricity bill while you are away. On the day you are expected to return home you can remotely turn the air back on, or set it to a cooler setting, and when you get home the temperature inside your home will be comfortable. This is a great money saving tool.

SMART Connect

Protect America reviews show us that the SMART connect portion of this wireless system allows you to use your smart phone and control all of the components of the security system. You do not have to be on a computer to access the features of your system so you can connect from anywhere you are to make certain that things at your home are safe.

You can set the system to alert you by text message when something at your home appears to be different. Most people respond to text messaging because we have our smart phones with us around the clock. You can rest assured that you will be alerted when something is going on at your house.

Smoke Detectors

Protect America reviews tell us that the smoke detectors that can be added as part of this system alerts you when they notice a temperature change in the residence. You can know that a fire is going when it is still a very small fire because of these sensitive sensors. You might just be able to save your home from destruction because of the early warning.

ADT Reviews On The New Advances In Home Security

ADT Reviews On The New Advances In Home Security

ADT Reviews on the new advances in home security will help you to choose the features you want in your system package.

ADT Reviews on Wireless Service

Wireless service allows you to monitor your home using your smart phone and android devices. These systems work even when the power fails, unlike the old wired systems. A criminal cannot come to your home and cut your phone line to disconnect your service, and they cannot hit you when your power is out and you are vulnerable. They are perfect for people who rent because they can be moved from one house to the next without doing any damages to the home.

ADT Reviews about Video Monitoring

Video monitoring was once only available to the very rich, but today with the advances in technology, video monitoring is possible for anyone that has a home security system. You can set up cameras through-out your home so that you can check what is happening from your smartphone. You can see what is happening inside when the baby sitter is with the children, or when your children are home alone. You have added security with these monitors, and an added peace of mind.

Video monitoring can be put into place along with personal protection sensors so that people who have elderly parents living alone will have the ability to check on these individuals whenever they feel the need to. The monitors can help you see what is happening inside, and outside of your home. They are the perfect answer for people who have children home alone, elderly parents, or who travel a lot.

ADT Reviews on Remote Access

Remote access to appliances will allow you to use your smartphone while you are at the lake to turn the air conditioner in your house back down to a temperature you will be more comfortable with. That means that the entire time you are on vacation you can have the thermostat set warm enough that the system does not run as much, and you save money while you are away.

You can use these devices to lock doors, and to turn lights on and off. You can operate televisions and other appliances so that people cannot be certain if you are home or not.

ADT Reviews on PPDs

Personal protection devices are the alert sensors that allow you to push one button and summon help. These devices are used by the elderly so they can remain in their homes longer without their family worrying constantly that they will fall, or have an emergency that requires help. They are great to have when a pregnant woman is home alone and lives in a rural setting. If the woman were to go into labor she could quickly summon help to her by pushing one button.

They are great for people who have slight disabilities and want to remain home instead of at a supervised location. The simple push of a button brings the help that people need so these devices give freedom to people who were otherwise going to have to have someone stay with them.

Frontpoint Security Reviews Of Services Offered

Frontpoint Security Reviews Of Services Offered

Frontpoint Security Reviews of the services offered by home security systems will help you to decide what you will need for your home.

Outdoor perimeter protection

Frontpoint Security Reviews tells us that outdoor perimeter protection is most helpful if you live in a rural area, or if your property is so large that it cannot be adequately protected by home security cameras or motion detectors. These outdoor perimeter protection sensors will alarm and notify you whenever something, or someone crosses the barrier that establishes your property line.

Motion home security sensors

Frontpoint Security Reviews tells us that motion home security sensors can be used as another layer of protection after the window sensors and door sensors. They can be set up so that they can monitor an entire room. They are great tools to have at night because when something moves inside the room you will be alerted.

The motion sensors are not as good inside the homes of people who have pets because the pets can trigger the alarms. There are some sensors that are advanced enough to differentiate between an animal and a human being. You do not want to place these sensors in heavy traffic areas of the home like the kitchen.

Glass break sensors for the home

Frontpoint Security Reviews tells us that windows that open and close are better suited for window and door sensors while windows that do not open and close are better suited for glass break sensors. The glass break sensors are activated by sound levels that are as high as breaking glass would create. If you have concerns that someone is likely to try and break a window to gain entry into your home you should include these sensors.

These sensors can be used on the exterior and the interior portions of homes.

Door and Window Sensors

Frontpoint Security Reviews tells us that the standard door and window sensors are actually the ideal types of sensors to have, unless the window you are protecting does not open. For these sensors to be installed the window will be opened and part of the sensor will attach to the window seal while the other portion will attach to the window frame. The sensors are thin magnetic pieces that send signals to the control panel to sound an alarm when the two pieces of the magnet are separated. The control panel will allow you to shut off these sensors during times that the family will be opening the windows and turn them back on when the windows should be remaining closed.

Specialty sensors

Frontpoint Security Reviews tells us that there are special sensors available that will alert you to fire, or smoke in the home. You can get sensors that detect carbon monoxide levels in the home, and sensors that can be triggered by the push of a button so that a handicapped, or elderly individual can summon help if they are alone and in trouble.

There are many new features like automated remote services that allow the homeowner to control some of their appliances, like their thermostats on their heating and cooling units from remote locations.

Protect America Reviews For Their Available Packages

Protect America Reviews For Their Available Packages

When you read Protect America reviews by the people that have one of the five different service packages this home security company offers.

Copper Package

Protect America reviews reports that the copper package has a $19.99 monthly monitoring charge. For that amount you will get a Simon XT control to set your system with, three sensors that will be applied to doors and windows, a motion detector, and no fees for the equipment or the activation of the system

This is the basic package and is best when placed in a small home that has only one bedroom, or an apartment. Many people do not think to get these systems set up in their apartments, but the application makes great sense. In an apartment you are likely to be in greater danger of a robbery because of your close proximity to other apartments, and your exposure to so many different people. This basic package will protect your home and belongings.

Bronze Package

Protect America reviews of the bronze package tells us that the monthly monitoring fee using this package is $35.99. You will get the touchscreen control pad to control the system with, plus seven sensors to place on windows and doors, and one motion detector, and the equipment comes to you with no fees, and there are no fees related to the activation of the system.

This is a great package for a two bedroom home, and could be used on a three bedroom dwelling. It has enough sensors to cover the exterior windows of a modest two bedroom dwelling.

Silver Package

Protect America reviews of the silver package tells us that the monthly monitoring fee for this package is $37.99. You will get the touch screen control pad for the system, there will be ten sensors for you to place on the doors and windows, and one motion detector for you to use with the system, and the equipment is still free as well as the activation of the system is still free.

With ten sensors you can easily monitor the area of a three bedroom home. This is the average size home and a package meant for the average sized family, or medium sized business.

Gold Package

Protect America reviews of the gold package tells us that the monthly monitoring for this package starts at $39.99. This package provides you with the control pad that is a touchscreen, twelve window and door sensors, one motion detector, and no equipment of activation fees are applied.

This system is designed to monitor a fairly large house. A two- story home, or a home with four bedrooms could be safer by getting this package instead of the smaller packages.

Platinum Package

Protect America reviews of the platinum package reveals the monthly monitoring cost to be $42.99. This package provides you with the touchpad control panel, fifteen sensors for windows and doors, one motion detector, and no activation fees, or equipment fees will be applied.

This package is excellent for a large house or business. The increased number of window and door sensors will allow you to protect a lot larger area. You can feel secure in every room of your house.


Protect America Reviews | Protect America Review | Protect America

Protect America is a great security system provider powered by GE security systems and should be one of your top choices.

Protect America have been in the market for over two decades and holds a customer base of about half a million households in the lower 50 states.
Their cellular monitoring is 100 percent wireless making them one of the leading wireless security providers.
Overall in par with FrontPoint security their rates are pretty reasonable and they also have a simple DIY installation option available.
The main drawback which has been observed in the past is the quality and unsatisfactory customer service.
Protect America provides customers with cellular monitoring, broadband monitoring and old-fashioned phone line monitoring with a GT Simon XT control panel.
With a great flexibility of different plans available Protect America is definitely a security system provider you should be considering as one of your top choices.

Click here for the Protect America Reviews and detailed list of alarm devices, monitoring packages and pricing for the Top 5 home security companies

If you’re considering different wireless security systems in the market, and weighing your list of top options, then Protect America should be among the very best.

The company was established in 1992 and is based in Round Rock, Texas. As you probably know, Protect America is one of the nation’s leading Wireless Security Providers. Protect America deals with GE Wireless Alarm Systems and has a customer base of about half a million — most of whom are completely happy and satisfied.

I say “most” because there have been noted issues with their customer service. But, on the bright side, there have been improvements in the recent years and they are moving into the right direction to improve their customer service.

And there’s no denying the superior and quality products that the Protect America continues to offer people. Some of the advantages of using them include: a low up-front cost, flexible and affordable rates, as well as easy do-it-yourself installation.

You’re probably wondering now about Protect America’s equipment.

Well, Protect America provides the GE Simon XT Control Panel which can connect to up to 40 individual GE alarm sensors or home automation devices. It’s a pretty neat device, so it pretty much fits comfortably on something like a table top.

It should be noted that Protect America provides wireless alarm equipment manufactured by none other than General Electric Company (GE).

So, you know they’re reliable.

Let’s now get into Protect America’s pricing!

Protect America provides flexibility with their packages with the Copper Package ($19.99 per month) starting with 3 Door/Window Sensors & 1 Motion Detector, all the way to the Platinum Package ($42.99 per month) which has 15 Door/Window Sensors & 1 Motion Detector.

The best part of this, however, is the fact that Protect America does not charge equipment or installation fees. A big plus, or advantage, over the other competitors in the market.

If you didn’t catch what was said about installation, here it is again…

The GE Simon XT Wireless Alarm System has been designed as a Do-It-Yourself system. This is a nice option for those that feel confident setting things up on their own. In other words, once you have decided upon your package, Protect America will ship you the alarm system. You’ll just need to follow the simple step-by-step instructions.

This brings us to our final conclusion…

Protect America has a very low up-front cost and provides clear instructions for you to set up your GE system on your own. They give you web/remote access and multiple options for monthly monitoring. Customer service at Protect America may not have been the best in the past, but you can’t judge them solely on that, as they have an amazing product — and are certainly a great option for you to consider.


FrontPoint Security Reviews | FrontPoint Reviews | Frontpoint Security System Reviews

FrontPoint security echoes reliability right out of the box and you can set it up simply by yourself rather than scheduling a technician’s visit. The equipment is 100 percent wireless with interactive monitoring trusted by most of the users for its reliability.

They hold license to operate in 50 states and offer GE Security Systems, which is one of the fastest growing dealers in the nation. FrontPoint security uses GE Simon XT control panel, very handy and highly efficient with a 24 hour backup.

All up to date sensors including door and window sensors, glass break sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, water detectors etc.
FrontPoint security boasts a great customer service, being available round the clock and with very competitive pricing, which has gained them many new customers just by word of mouth not to mention about their 30 day risk free trial period with money back guarantee.

Rated as A by BBB with loads of positive reviews around the reliable websites such as Yelp.

FrontPoint is definitely the best wireless alarm system provider out there. They give you monitoring via cellular networks for all packages, as well as web and remote access. And, what’s even more impressive is their prices.

FrontPoint Security was established in 2007, and they provide Do-It-Yourself wireless security to both home and business customers. They offer GE Security Systems and can be considered as one of the fastest growing providers in the nation. The only knock to them would be their limited warranty. But, the superior customer service, the do-it-yourself installation, the cellular monitoring, the remote access and everything else — just make it a great company with a great product.

Let’s now quickly cover FrontPoint Security’s equipment basics.

Their equipment is in fact manufactured by General Electric (GE), which is always a good thing. The Control Panel used by FrontPoint is the GE Simon XT. This special piece allows you to connect to up to 40 individual GE alarm sensors and up to 100 Z-Wave wireless home automation devices almost instantly!

The control panel is a quality device in a small package. What does this mean for you? Well, it means it can fit pretty comfortably on a table top. The control panel has a LED backlit screen, a really loud 100dB siren, 24 hour backup battery and a neat 212 word spoken vocabulary.

If that doesn’t excite you, and make you feel safe already, then I don’t know what will.

As for their customer service, FrontPoint has been in the market since 2007, and have found success from the very beginning. FrontPoint has an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau and they also have a number of positive ratings on third party review outlets like Yelp! As well as Angie’s List.

Now, to the most important aspect, pricing…

The upfront pricing for your equipment depends on the package you choose, the equipment you require, and the contract period. Regardless of the specifics, though, there are three packages they offer.

  • Protection Monitoring: For just $34.99/month
  • Interactive Monitoring: Which is the most popular monitoring option provided by FrontPoint For just $42.99 per month
  • Ultimate Monitoring: For $49.99 per month

So, to conclude the Frontpoint Security Reviews

FrontPoint offers the latest in Wireless home security as well as home automation products. They also provide 100% cellular monitoring with competitive pricing. They have gone out of their way to provide the best customer service in the industry. And, that’s an understatement! This can also be seen by the 30 Day Risk Free Trial Period — which they provide with every alarm system purchase.

That alone should make you feel confident in knowing what you’re about to buy is worth it.

FrontPoint is arguably the best option out there. You might as well try it, as you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


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ADT security systems stand strong, with over a 100 year built in reputation. ADT is one of the largest companies around.

It has presence in South America and Europe with its headquarters in Florida.

ADT offers a wide range of equipment and packages to be customized and tailor made to fit your needs ranging from door and window sensors to outdoor strobes and sirens, phone line monitoring, broadband monitoring and cellular monitoring, so they do have plenty of options available for many tastes.

ADT security systems have paved way through the years with a satisfied customer base and ADT was awarded A rating by BBB on March 2014.

Their cellular services though are towards the higher end and installation by a certified technician is required for proper setup.

The Trust built over the years keeps ADT going and is definitely in the game to provide reliable home security systems for years to come.

Would you like to keep your home safe? Well, ADT is a company that has been around for quite a long time and provides a lot in terms of wireless security solutions.

ADT has been alive and kicking for over 100 years!

They provide awesome security for both, home, and business purposes. They’re probably one of the most well-known alarm companies around. In fact, ADT is so good that their operations have reached international markets like North America, South America, and Europe.

The pros of using ADT Security consists of it being the oldest alarm company, with multiple options, and the ability to give you remote cellular monitoring.

Now, the one noticeable downside however, would be the high monthly fees for cellular. But that shouldn’t stop you from at least checking out the company further…

Let’s now dive into ADT Security and their equipment!

One thing that you’ll appreciate is the fact that ADT offers a wide variety of equipment — as well as equipment packages — all of which can be customized according to your specific needs.

Next up is ADT Security’s Monitoring capabilities.

Phone line monitoring, broadband monitoring, and cellular monitoring are all available in their different monitoring options, which include:

  • The Basic Package: For just $36.99/month
  • CellGuard: 24/7 monitoring through ADT’s CellGuard cellular connection is available through this package which costs $44.99/month.
  • 2-way Voice+ CellGuard: Here, you are provided with complete coverage, that is both 2-Way Voice, as well as the CellGuard solution. You can have this for the attractive value price of $47.99/month.
  • Pulse: For just 49.99/month, you get all the features of the other systems, plus mobile access.

As for their customer service?

It’s top notch!

There’s a reason why ADT has been around for such a long period of time. It’s because of decades long of committed customer service. If you have an issue, or need some answers, just call them up. Overall, ADT’s customer service gets the job done. And they ensure that you leave completely satisfied.

And, lastly, ADT Security Installation…

It’s very convenient and easy to use. Simply go through their Dealer Program.

It costs, $99 for installations for the basic and 2-Way Voice packages — while the CellGuard, 2-Way Voice + CellGuard costs $199. You’ll need to get in touch with ADT though in order to work out the installation plan for the Pulse package.

This concludes our ADT Reviews session.

Just to iterate, one last time, ADT is the one of the largest alarm companies in the United States. The fact that they have been around for over 100 years is a factor which you cannot forget when choosing your next wireless security provider.

Overall, they have good products, and a solid customer service team.